What is Mobile Antivirus?

27 Feb

Antivirus is utility software that detects, prevents, and takes action to disarm or remove malicious software programs, called as virus from the device. Viruses are deliberately designed to interfere with operation of device to record, corrupt, or delete details.  They replicate and spread themselves to other processor and throughout the Internet. Antivirus software includes auto-update feature to download profiles of new viruses so that it can check for the new viruses as soon as they are discovered and delete them. So, an antivirus is very essential for any device running on computer programs.

Mobile phones are just like computer. They also have processor and operating system. Mobile devices are connected to Internet and are susceptible to malicious programs such as viruses and malware threats. They can damage the applications as well as the operating system of the phone. Such programs can also enter the device through while Bluetooth and USB file transfer. Thus, installation of antivirus program is imperative.

Mobile antivirus is dedicated software programmed for detecting and deleting malicious programs such as viruses and malware from mobile devices. They are designed to run on mobile operating system and protect devices.

F-Secure, BitDefender Mobile Security v2, Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0, Eset Mobile Antivirus, Norton Smartphone Security, and mcafee VirusScan Mobile are some popular antivirus software for protecting mobile devices.

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