What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

27 Feb

Mobile Number Portability allows users to retain their mobile numbers when switching to another operator of choice.  MNP was launched In India from January 2011. However, MNP is applicable for porting between mobile operators in the same telecom circle only. Also, customers can port to another operator only if he/she has been with that operator for at least 90 days. Even, one can switch from GSM to CDMA network. So, users do not need to circulate the number after they switch from one operator to another – maintain contact consistency with one number for lifetime!

How to port number:

Type a text message PORT <Your Mobile Number> to 1900

Subscriber will receive an SMS with unique porting code. Please note, porting code has an expiry time. So, subscriber should apply to the new operator with that code within the specific time.

Submit required documents to the new operator.

New operator will provide you a new SIM card.

Once your number is ported, you will lose the network coverage from the previous operator. Insert the new SIM (which you got from new operator) in SIM slot of your phone and experience services of the new operator.

Why you need to provide porting code to new operator:

The new operator will communicate with existing operator and ask for permission using the porting code. When the request is approved from the old operator, new operator will set a time for porting and communicate this to MNP provider. On the decided date, the current operator will disconnect the number and pass the message to MNP provider. Now, the new operator will claim that number and MNP provider would maintain a central database with the new details.

You Must Know

The maximum charge for MNP is Rs.19.

Users can change operator multiple time after completion of at least 90 days with one operator.

Your number will be dead for about 2 hours when switching from old operator to new operator.

Prepaid balance cannot be carried forward to new operator.

MNP allows switching from CDMA to GSM.

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