Cloud Storage: The new age data storage system

15 Mar

Cloud storage is a store house for data whence the users access their desired data through the Internet. The space to be accessed has to be (of course) purchased. The users can enhance their storage capacity in the cloud as much as their need demands and their pockets allow.

Cloud Storage System

Let’s divulge in the past a little bit in order to fathom the Cloud storage comprehensively. The story of Cloud storage goes as far as the 60s when it was invented by J.C. Licklider. Since then the Cloud has never ceased evolving, the latest avatar being the Web 2.0.

One thing here is noteworthy that the Internet started to offer significant bandwidth from the mid 90s but the cloud computing hit the market far too late. One thing is undisputedly considered to be true that it was in the year 1999, which paved the way for others in the field of Cloud Storage. This company helped both specialists and mainstream media to deliver enterprise applications through a simple site. Another such company was which also made a name for itself.

Apple iCloud

Now, turning our attention towards how the whole system of Cloud storage works, the readers should note that the Cloud allows them to store the data and the document of their choice in data centers instead of their respective devices. The users can retrieve their stored content from the centers in the same way as they as it is done with their respective hard drives.

To use the Cloud storage, all the users have to do is to install the client on their PCs and then they can drop the data of their choice and then with the help of the web interface they can manage their files in accordance to their choice. It is as simple as that. The users can also access the data without installing the client on their system by just having a compatible web browser.

As with all the entities of this world the Cloud storage also has some pros and cons. If the benefits are in question, it has many of them such as it allows the users to pay according to their needs, the users can access their data from almost anywhere, the data can be accessed via almost any device, data maintenance is also offered.

Google Docs

The Cloud storage does have some bottlenecks such as security of stored data and data in transit may be a concern when storing sensitive data at a cloud storage provider, the performance might be a little inferior in comparison with a local storage, users with specific record keeping requirements have to retain an electronic record as per statute. And in places like India where the network coverage is not as comprehensive the connectivity to the Cloud might become an area of concern.

At the present moment companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon offer cloud services at affordable cost. The good thing about them is their user friendliness, we can take example of Apple inc.’s iCloud which offer the users the opportunity to download a particular app from the Apple app store with any Apple device and store them on the iCloud they can later use the app with other Apple devices that they have with them. Similarly, Amazon’s Amazon S3 and Google’s Google Docs and other cloud services are also very interesting and very useful.

Finally, no matter what the cons say the Cloud storage rocks and the future course for it does seem staggeringly bright. What is your take on this, readers?

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