Google Wallet: Your Pocket in Your Mobile

19 Mar

Many people of the previous generation would find it hard to believe that a mobile phone can act like your wallet and assist you in carrying out financial transactions; but, it is true, many people are availing the    facility. This facility has been developed by the software giant Google and it is called Google Wallet. Here we will try to decipher that what exactly is Google Wallet and exactly does it work.

Google Wallet

In simple terms the Google Wallet is an app on your handset that allows you to keep your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and other such stuff on your mobile handset in virtual form. And when it comes to making a payment it uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to make a safe and easy payment just by pressing the relevant button at ant pay-pass enabled place.  This app was released last year in the month of September by the software conglomerate.

For those who are a little reluctant about making online payments, this app has robust security feature that lets you set a pin that has to be entered before every transaction. Apart from that you can set a pattern lock for your screen that provides additional security. Then the handset will never show your account no after you have stored your card on your Google powered handset.

Google Wallet Screenshot

One more thing that will sooth the ears of the probable users of the app is that the company does not charge the users or the merchants for using the app nor does it has any such intentions. Google plans to make money by means of sponsored ads.

So, it will only be a wise decision to go the app rather than waiting for your neighbor to take the first step. Go for it folks, if you have the option.

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