The Path of Evolution for the Mobile Phone Batteries

22 Mar

The telecommunication market is humongously swollen with different types of mobile handsets. Obviously, the makers, in their quest to gain advantage over the other players of the field, advertise various features of their products; some concentrate on the display, some on the camera, similarly, some on the looks. Very few of them have been found to be advocating the battery features of their respective handsets. One thing here need to be emphasized that no matter how good your handset is it will be functioning as a meek and submissive handset if the battery feature is not up to the mark.

There are several types of batteries as there are different types of handsets in the market. The material used in the making of the batteries and the technology applied are the two main distinction as far as the type of batteries is concerned.

Li-ion Battery for Mobile Phones

When the mobile handsets came into the market for the first time they had Nickel Cadmium batteries. These batteries had the capability to get recharged after being exhausted and had a good battery life, and what more they were relatively pretty small in the physical size. But it had issues with charging where it used to create a memory if recharged without being completely discharged and hence the performance was diminished.

After that the Nickel Metal Hybrid batteries arrived, which were a slight variation of the previous Nickel Cadmium batteries. But this too was not proved to be up to the mark.

Then came the Lithium Ion batteries, which, in fairly short period of time, acquired huge success as the ultimate mobile phone battery. They have valid reasons for getting the thunderous success that they have achieved; the Li-Ion batteries are long lasting, have no memory effect, and they are light weight and powerful. Yes, they are a little averse to the cost effectiveness but they make up for that by their performance and longevity. They are compatible with all kinds of cell phones. Yes, at times, they tend to become a little problemetic with their swelling tendencies but that is an issue that can be taken care of by using the batteries with a little added care.

Li-Polymer battery for mobile

The latest entry on the mobile phone battery horizon is the Lithium Polymer aka Li-Polymer battery. Most of the recently launched smartphones sport Li-Polymer batteries. But none of the old handsets which need the battery change accept the Li-polymer batteries. But the new age smartphones that come with hefty price tag come with this battery type and work excellently.

It is quite sure that the modern technological advances will come with newer battery types which will be more effective and efficient, but for now the Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries are the best!

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