Defining LED Display

26 Mar

LED screen is a type of video display where small diodes are used, which emit light, that is what is quite conspicuous from the name itself- Light Emitting Diode (LED). It is not that the LED is only used for the video displays but it is widely used for the lightening purpose too like general illumination, stage lighting, and task lighting. But here our heed will entirely be upon the display aspect of the LED.

But before going into the LED display, we should learn a thing or two about the LED panels as they play a vital role in the display system of the LED screen. There are two types of LED panels – one that uses the discrete LEDs and other which is called SMD or Surface Mounted Device. All the big outdoor screens sport discrete LEDs whereas most of the indoor screens wear the SMD. The SMD now is being used by numerous outdoor screens as well.

LED Display

The SMD comprises of three different colored diodes namely red, green, and blue, which are clustered together into a single package, after that the single package is mounted on the driver PC board. These individual diodes are pretty minute in size and are gelled fairly close against one another.

The LED display generally needs to have a screen that is built on the SMD technology and has minimum brightness of 600 candelas (the unit that measures light intensity) per square meter. But if the surroundings sport extreme brightness then this brightness might have to be enhanced. Similarly, if the surroundings are of low light then the brightness requirement might dwindle a little.

A Mobile Handset with LED Display

In today’s time, friends, there are different types of LED displays are found in the market such as: WLED, OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, and Super AMOLED Plus.

Today with the advancement of technology some of the mobile phones also sport top quality LED display like Super AMOLED and AMOLED display, of course they are high end thing meant for the big boys/girls!

In my next post I will be comparing the LED and OLED display one against another for our readers to get properly acquainted with either type of technologies.

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