Buying a Bluetooth Headset? – Features to Consider

28 Mar

Bluetooth is a common connectivity technology that enables two devices to connect with each other, wirelessly. The technology is also used by Bluetooth headset that allows the user to use the cellphone, hands-free. The biggest advantage of a Bluetooth headset is that it gives you freedom to roam around while talking, eliminating the need to keep the phone on your ear all the time.

Today, even a low-end phone is Bluetooth enabled, which means you can pair it with a Bluetooth headset and talk with all convenience. A host of options are available in market, when it comes to Bluetooth headsets but there are a few things one should consider before making a purchase.

So, here’s the guide to a smarter Bluetooth headset purchase:

Type of Bluetooth Headset – Stereo or Mono

Most of the buyers overlook this feature as they are not aware of the difference between a stereo and mono Bluetooth headset. A mono headset has one earpiece and a microphone & is generally used for voice calls. But manufacturers such as Jabra are including A2DP profile in some of their mono Bluetooth headset, so that users can listen to music and podcasts on them. Stereo headsets generally come with two earpieces and are used for both voice calls & listening to music. So, figure out what your requirement is, before settling down for a product.

Design Type

In-Ear or Over-the-Ear

The in-ear type Bluetooth headset offer a comfortable fit as it fits inside the ear perfectly. These headsets are ideal to be used in noisy conditions. But, you might find it slightly discomforting to wear the headset for a long time. Over-the-ear type Bluetooth headsets on the other hand are suitable to wear for long period because they give ample space for ear to breathe.

Circumaural Bluetooth headset

Also called as full size headset, a circumaural Bluetooth headset has circular or ellipsoid earpads that completely enclose the ears. These headsets are more comfortable to wear and have excellent sound quality as well as better external noise reduction capability. Since, a circumaural Bluetooth headset is large, it is most commonly preferred by music lovers and audio enthusiasts & professionals.

Connectivity Standard in Bluetooth headset

It is always a safer option to check if the Bluetooth headset you are buying has same connectivity standard, which your cellphone supports. There are different Bluetooth standards: 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. Almost all the cellphones and Bluetooth headsets are backward compatible.

Other Factors:

  • It will be an added advantage if the Bluetooth headset comes with noise cancellation or say wind cancellation technology. This will filter out the unnecessary sound and improvise the incoming/outgoing calls quality.
  • Check out the transmission range of the Bluetooth headset. Higher the operation range, more comfortable it gets to use the device. Generally, Bluetooth headsets support up to 10meter transmission range.
  • All the wireless devices including Bluetooth headsets are battery operated, therefore, check-out the talktime & standby time of the device. If the talktime offered is less, you will have to charge the device more often.
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