Active Noise Cancellation Technology

29 Mar

You must have heard the term Active Noise Cancellation; many of you might be using it on a regular basis.  But, the majority of the populace is still ignorant of what exactly active noise cancellation is all about. In this article we will be trying to demystify active noise cancellation.

A few decades back in time active noise cancellation was first introduced in the cockpit of the fighter jets in the mid fifties. But the technique that was used in cancelling unwanted noise did not get the popularity among common folks until in the year 1970 when Dr. Amar Bose, the founder of Bose Corporation, bring the technology in the market for the users. The same technology is used in the noise cancelling headphones in order to keep the unwanted noise of the outside world at bay.

Now, the question is how does a headphone is able to cut the noise from the outside world and till what degree it can do the same. In order to be able to understand this we should first learn a few things beforehand.

How Active Noise Cancellation technology works?

Noise, as we know, is a mixture of compression and refraction phases of waves. Active Noise cancellation technology creates what is known as antiphase, which is a wave of amplitude similar to that of the outside noise; but with an inverted phase. This antiphase wave, created by the internal circuitry,  comes out of the speakers and mixes with the noise.  Now, it should not be difficult for you to imagine that what will happen when the noise from the outside world meets the noise created by the headphone with inverted phase – you guessed it right folks, they will negate or cancel each other. This phenomenon is known as destructive interference. The term “active” means, the noise cancellation technique required energy, and this energy is derived from an inbuilt battery in the headphones.

Now, going back to the other question that how much noise can the ANC reduce, well, the active noise cancellation technique can cut 100% of the unnecessary noise, but, at the present moment, companies, keeping the angle of  cost effectiveness in eyes, make such headphones that are capable of reducing the noise till 80 to 85%.

Active Noise Cancellation Functionality

You don’t need to doubt, whether the sound waves created by the headphones will interfere the music you want to listen. Headsets with active noise cancellation are good in distinguishing between the audio sources a user wants to listen and undesirable outside noise that annoys him. It is interesting to know that these headsets can be used even when you don’t want to listen to music; by wearing these headsets, you can have a peaceful sleep in a noisy environment.

Hey, the real feel is in experiencing the ANC first hand and not reading articles about it; so, don’t wait guys, go get one for yourself, something like Nokia-BH905i

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