HTC Media Link HD vs Apple AirPlay

30 Mar

These are two similar technologies that you can use to transfer music, movies, and photos between mobile and TV.

HTC Media Link HD

HTC Media Link HD is a small box, which hook up to a high definition TV or monitor using an HDMI cable and wirelessly connects with HTC Sense 4 devices to allow users mirror the action from phone display on to big-screen TV. It includes simple gestures to effortlessly navigate between phone and TV display. You just need to swipe three fingers up the on the phone’s screen to send a video/photo to the television. The Media Link HD will support dual-display mode, which implies that one can other functions like web browsing, while streaming video to the TV.  It is sleek and portable device with easy set up option. It works on Wi-Fi network.

HTC has not uttered anything about the pricing and availability, but it is for sure that HTC has a wonderful accessory on its hands – HTC Media Link HD!

Apple’s AirPlay

AirPlay is a proprietary protocol developed by Apple Inc. for wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos. Computer (iTunes 10.2 or later) or iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS 4.3 or later) connects wirelessly to HDTVs or speakers via Apple TV. With AirPlay set up, users can watch contents from Mac or iPhone/iPad/iPod on HDTV via Apple TV and control them with iOS devices’ Remote app (app that turns iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a remote control). Apple TV is digital media receiver from Apple Inc. It has HDMI, Ethernet and microUSB interface and supports connectivity through Wi-Fi as well. It is compatible with HDTVs with HDMI support.

AirPlay works best using Wi-Fi. However, one can go via Ethernet as well, if required.

Which one is the best?

HTC Media Link HD works only with Wi-Fi network while AirPlay is comfortable with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection. So, Wi-Fi is must for watching content on HDTVs from HTC phones while an Ethernet connection can also work with AirPlay and Apple TV. HTC Media Link HD let users stream digital contents from only HTC phones and AirPlay fetch music from both phones and computers. So, HTC Media Link HD is a part of small world, and AirPlay is big player in Apple ecosystem.

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