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Bluetooth with A2DP Technology


With the rapid advancement in science and technology, the world of machines has, in the last decade or so, changed upside down. From the rickety machines to the suave ultraslim laptops, we have witnessed it all, in front of our own eyes. Nothing has remained the same. But one perplexing thing has, till now, not ceased to exist- the cable.  From the charging purpose, to connecting device to receive bigger amount of data, the piquing cable has been found to be ubiquitous.


But, with the advent of A2DP, the headphones can play music for you without being connected to the music player physically. The obnoxious cord seems to be losing its value in this case. Let’s find out how.

The Functionality

The reason that the A2DP enabled device doesn’t need physical connection with the device is that it has a receiver with an inbuilt battery. In order to get properly acquainted with Advanced Audio Distribution System (A2DP), we will have to know that it is a set of standards for devices, which have Bluetooth. We don’t need to mention that Bluetooth is the same technology that is used in the mobile phone headsets and wireless computer keyboards.

Bluetooth with A2DP

In the simplest terms, the A2DP is a profile that enables the user to stream high quality audio over Bluetooth. The A2DP offers a unilateral stream of high quality stereo sound, not like the conventional Bluetooth devices that do it bilaterally. And one more thing that makes it different is that it is digital. All that the user has to do is to pair the device with the music playing machine, and lo, it is all done. And what else, there can be more than one device connected without being entangled.

One thing here is pretty important to emphasize that not all the latest Bluetooth versions are A2DP enabled; so, those who want the A2DP on their Bluetooth devices should do ample research before going for it. There is one more thing that a music lover should keep in his mind that if he is nurturing  intentions of buying a mono Bluetooth ear piece then it got to have the A2DP on it else the device will not stream music.

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