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Wireless Charging: Pros and Cons

We are living in a world of wireless technologies. When smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become an integral part of most of the people living in this world, have we got freedom completely from the hassles of cords and wires? Still the answer would be “no”. I’m sure; you all will be having a USB cable or charger in our bag to charge the mobile phones or laptops. With the advent of wireless charging- a technology, which is not commonly adopted, life of those people who like to work on the move is slowly revolutionizing for the better.

What is wireless charging?

There are two types of wireless charging: inductive and conductive charging. The inductive charging technique involves an electromagnetic field to transfer charge across a gap and into the device’s battery. The requisite for the inductive charging is an induction coil, which is capable of receiving the wireless energy. On the other side of the table, the conductive charging functions on the direct electrical contact between the power source and the battery.

Inductive Charging

The conductive charging pad contains a conductive panel that gets connected to the similar conductive material on the users mobile device’s aftermarket backs. Big players of the field are: Duracel, Powermat USA, RadioShack. But the inability of the conductive charging pads to get set on the car dashboard and the tray tables of the aeroplanes might prove to be a big bottleneck fot the users.

The inductive charging seems to be scoring over the conductive charging these days. Samsung, LG, RIM, and Motorola are all part of the Wireless Power Consortium, and they all back the inductive charging standard. Since the inductive charging does not need the conductive surface, it allows itself to be mingled with or under any kind of materials. The Wireless Power Consortium takes the inductive standard of charging as the future of wireless charging.

Conductive Charging

The main bottleneck of the wireless charging is the low performance of the batteries and extra heating in comparison with the conventional way of charging. One big disadvantage is the expensiveness of the wireless chargers at the present moment, but that will be taken care of as the demand grows.

This video demonstrates the functioning of the Wireless Charging.

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