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Windows Phone OS Vs. Android OS

Windows operating system is the undisputed king in the world of computers, it is the kingpin. But when it comes to the mobile phones the scenario is not that bright. Windows has to make space for itself in the presence of two giants: iOS and Android.

Android vs Windows

The Windows Phone OS is a relatively new player in the world of mobile handsets. It is approximately two years old in the market, and as far as the mass use of the OS is concerned, it appeared at the Mobile World Congress 2011 with the Nokia handsets, the Lumia series. And with the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 the Windows Phone OS was supposed to take off, but somehow it did not respond accordingly to the high anticipation of the tech world. Let’s find out how and why it lags behind the giant Android.

First and the foremost reason is like the Android, Windows does not enjoy the flurry of vendors who give the users a wide range of choice, all the way from 3000 bucks to the 40000 upper crust. Windows phones are only for the thick walleted folks. And it is simple; number of handsets sold is directly proportional to the number of operating systems in the market.

Second and equally important thing is the Windows OS does not come up with something new all the time, which the users demand at the time of purchasing a handset. Yes, it has the Metro UI but that is a complex thing, not meant for the common place people. On the other hand Android comes up with a new app every now and again (no matter useful for the users or not) to woo the purchaser.

Android vs Windows7

One more thing that needs to be emphasized is that the companies like Nokia, HTC, and even Samsung offer only two or three handsets that run Windows Phone OS that not just cramps the users for choice but they are not stylish and trendy handsets. If we look at Samsung, we find that the Android handsets are far better looking than the Windows phones.

The foresight that Google invests in the Android is commendable, after the super success of the ICS 4.0 is already planning to unveil the Android 5.0 whereas the Windows OS is still holding on to the 7.5 Mango.

And the story is the same for the Windows based tablets. I would like to say that the road is far more difficult here than in the handset sphere where the monster called Apple is as well established as God in heaven. Though, there is some hope for the Windows after the release of the Windows 8, but the hope is now looking like a thin shadow of something that is not confident of its own success. Let us see what happens.

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